Aspiring and Central Co-op launch ‘Leading the Difference’ development programme

Aspiring HR, a provider of leadership coaching and HR solutions, recently partnered with Central Co-op to successfully launch the ‘Leading the Difference’ senior leadership development programme.

At the heart of Central Co-op’s ethos is a commitment to making a difference to Members, customers and communities. Recognising that effective leadership is critical to realising this commitment, Central Co-op asked Aspiring to design a programme tailored to the unique needs of its senior leadership team.

Over the course of seven months, 21 Central Co-op leaders spent time developing their leadership skills and promoting stronger team connections to enhance performance. Aspiring’s bespoke programme encompassed a blend of theoretical insights and practical strategies, equipping attendees with the practical tools to work as a leadership cohort to engage their teams to deliver Central Co-op strategy.

Sarah Dickins, Chief Member, Customer and Colleague Officer at Central Co-op, commented:

“We are thrilled with the outcomes of the ‘Leading the Difference’ programme. This initiative has not only enhanced the leadership capabilities of our senior team but also reinforced our commitment to making a positive impact for Members, customers and the communities we serve. By investing in the growth and development of our leaders, we are better equipped to grow our talent, drive innovation and foster a culture of making a difference across the Society.”

Liz Beck, Founder and CEO of Aspiring, added:

“We are delighted to have partnered with Central Co-op in delivering the ‘Leading the Difference’ programme. The commitment displayed underscores the importance of investing in effective leadership development. Central Co-op serves as an example of how organisations can drive meaningful change by prioritising leadership excellence from the top down.”