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International safety company Bollé announces partnership with Welsh manufacturer to drive international supply of protective eyewear equipment

Production of a new range of safety eyewear for one of the world’s leading names in the industry, Bollé, has begun at a site in Wales.

Bollé Safety, a specialist in the development of personal protective equipment (PPE) eyewear, has announced a partnership with Welsh firm, RotoMedical, part of Rototherm Group, which has become the French company’s exclusive UK manufacturer of PPE eyewear for the healthcare industry.

More than three million PPE items are set to be produced a month at RotoMedical’s manufacturing base in Port Talbot, South Wales, following the launch of production at the beginning of June. The partnership, which has been praised by Life Sciences Hub Wales, will see products distributed across the UK and Ireland as well as exported to healthcare markets globally, with key regions including Europe, Australia and North America.

RotoMedical’s expansion into the life sciences sector has been supported by Life Sciences Hub Wales, which has worked to supply the business with access to contacts, expertise and advice to help with the expansion.

Ahead of the production launch, senior representatives at Bollé, which has its European headquarters based in Lyon, visited RotoMedical’s manufacturing base in the Welsh valleys to make final product checks and confirm certifications.

Ian Walbeoff, Vice President of Sales at Bollé Safety said: “At Bollé Safety, our mission has always been to protect the eyesight of healthcare professionals across the world, even in the most challenging environments, ensuring they are able to safely work on the frontline. At the heart of our brand is a genuine desire to continually innovate and use the best available technology to create the highest quality products, and our partnership with RotoMedical will play a key role in achieving this.

“Combining both our companies’ long-standing legacies and expertise will enable us to collaboratively design, manufacture and assemble products that put innovation at the fore and set a new global industry standard when it comes to performance, excellence and sustainability”.

Rototherm Group, a company dating back to the 1880s, specialises in the production of industrial measuring instruments. During the pandemic, the firm pivoted to also produce medical masks and protective face shields for health and care workers under the brand RotoMedical.

Since the pandemic’s arrival in the UK, the Port Talbot manufacturer has increased production capacity of plastic face visors from a 1,000 per day to 250,000 every week. That rapid success has catalysed further expansion into the life sciences sector, as RotoMedical has progressed to produce BSI certified Type IIR face masks, which are surgical grade and designed for use by healthcare professionals.

Tarkan Conger, Business Development Director at Rototherm Group said: “Our ambition has always been to continue to expand and develop the business, and in turn to create more jobs for the local economy. The partnership with Bollé will enable us to build on our industrial expertise and innovation as we embed ourselves in the life sciences sector, expanding into new manufacturing capabilities and markets.”

Following the supply contract with Bollé, the company added safety goggles to its remit, for which it has created a dedicated automated production line. The Bollé face shields will be manufactured by RotoMedical, Rototherm’s medical and protective equipment division, using locally sourced raw materials.

Oliver Conger, Managing Director at Rototherm Group said: “We’re proud to be an SME in Wales, and the drive is to continue securing partnerships with other companies in Wales and internationally. With the help of Life Sciences Hub Wales, we have been able to establish links throughout Welsh industry, and we’re committed to further growing our global presence. We’ve invested everything we’ve got into the local economy and into the business, which will continue as we expand internationally.”

Ian Walbeoff, Vice President of Sales at Bollé Safety added: “This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Bollé Safety in Wales and the UK as we continue to grow our presence in the country and invest in local communities. It will help us to further our capabilities developing products with sustainability at their core as we will work with locally sourced materials, proudly boasting the ‘Made in Britain’ stamp of excellence.

“The capabilities at Rototherm are testament to the highly skilled manufacturing workforce available here in Wales, and we look forward to playing a part in further driving manufacturing excellence from the region.”

Speaking about the new partnership between Rototherm and Bollé Safety, Cari-Anne Quinn, CEO at Life Sciences Hub Wales said: “Life Sciences Hub Wales is proud to be supporting Rototherm’s journey into the life sciences sector and welcome the expanding international connections. We congratulate them for the work they have done to support the UK during a time of great need and on securing this contract will Bollé which will see these successes continue.”

A breakthrough in PPE recycling, finally!

Innovation in recycling & sterilisation technologies has resulted in a breakthrough for the recycling of PPE. Yorkshire based company ReWorked has developed a full-service operation, to process disposable face-masks, gloves, visors etc. for public & private sectors.

In collaboration with Thermal Compaction Group (TCG), testing has begun to recycle face-masks from The Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust. Previously their masks would have been incinerated; a process that releases harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Through further exploration, the joint companies hope the scheme will roll out to hospitals across the UK.

ReWorked marketing manager Izzie Glazzard tells us, “We are on the brink of launching some large scale PPE recycling schemes on the UK high-street. It provides an invaluable service for customers who want protection from Covid-19, but don’t want the environment to suffer as a consequence”.

The driving force behind the scheme is the rise in PPE usage seen worldwide due to the pandemic. Estimates say globally we are using 129 billion disposable masks & 65 billion plastic gloves every month. The WWF says “If only 1% of the worlds face masks are disposed of incorrectly, 10 million masks will still end up polluting fragile ecosystems every month.

How it works (The innovation)
The PPE waste is collected, using various methods depending on the location. After a 72 hour quarantine, the waste undergoes a lengthy process of shredding & washing.

The shredded plastic is layered onto what ReWorked call their “Stormboard Mill”, where it is heated to over 200C & pressed into a solid board. These durable plastic boards can be used as building materials or cut to become furniture, bins & other practical items.

ReWorked refers to the process as Reclaiming The Mask, as part of their ongoing #ReclaimTheMask campaign, urging companies to take control & responsibility for the growing PPE waste issue.

Bumpaa™ Face Masks Gain ISO Certification For SARS-COV-2

Screenworks, is proud to announce its Bumpaa™ face masks have passed the ISO method1 test on the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19).

Since the garment screen print, embroidery and digital print service provider launched its face coverings the company has witnessed huge demand from both its trade clients and also across the sporting, events and hospitality industries.

The customisable Bumpaa face coverings are manufactured in the UK using a technical fabric, which is treated with an antiviral treatment – ViralOff®  ViralOff technology effectively reduces viruses and bacteria on the product by over 99 per cent over two hours1. Having recently become the first commercial textile treatment in the world to pass the ISO method1 test on the Covid-19 virus, the Bumpaa face masks were directly tested immediately after, and are now also ISO method certified against SARS-Cov-2.

The treatment is designed to protect the mask fabric from harbouring viruses or bacteria. It does not interfere with the skin’s natural bacterial flora and lasts for the product’s lifetime. When the face covering is safely removed, if any virus or bacteria is present on the surface, 99 per cent will be safely deactivated within a maximum of two hours1. The masks do not require regular washing. For best performance and sustainability, the products should be washed less, only when needed2.

Duncan Gilmour, managing director at Screenworks, said: “We were very excited to launch our face coverings to help meet huge demand earlier in the year, and this presents another major breakthrough. We truly believe the Bumpaa™ face coverings can play a vital role, providing some reassurance and support during the difficult and uncertain times that lie ahead. This recent news means all Bumpaa clients can now be assured that if their product comes into contact with Covid-19, the ViralOff treatment will deactivate the virus; just let the product rest for two hours, and the product is good to go again.

“Antiviral is becoming the norm as people know that they need to do as much as possible to protect themselves and those around them. As the Coronavirus continues to overshadow all our lives, more and more of us are becoming aware of the need to wash and sanitise frequently. Additional washing will have an environmental impact, so we are pleased to be behind a product which does not require frequent washing, and which can be safely reused, thus reducing disposable mask waste.

“The face coverings can be customised and produced very quickly, as the fabric is milled and treated with the ViralOff® treatment, decorated and packed in the UK, all in as little as three days.”

Further details can be found at

Globus Group increases UK manufacturing capacity to boost critical PPE supply for the NHS

Leading UK PPE firm, Globus Group, is expanding its UK manufacturing capacity to meet demand for high performance PPE for the UK’s healthcare sector.

The company will be creating hundreds of new jobs thanks to multi-million-pound contracts to make high-performance FFP3 face masks for frontline NHS staff. The contract with Department for Health and Social Care follows a contract won by Globus Group company Alpha Solway for NHS Scotland.

This news comes in the wake of the DHSC’s announcement that increases in domestic PPE manufacture will mean that 70% of the UK’s expected demand for PPE will be manufactured in the UK. Since February 2020, more than 3.5 billion items of PPE have been distributed to frontline healthcare workers across the UK, and demand is expected to increase to cope with the second wave of COVID-19.

The contracts represent recognition of Globus’s 25-year heritage in PPE, its commitment to UK manufacturing and the high quality, performance and wearer acceptance levels of its products. Globus has almost three decades of experience in the manufacture and supply of disposable masks supporting worker safety across healthcare and a range of industrial sectors.

Globus Director, Steven Binnie, said: “For generations, we have protected UK workers exposed to respiratory hazards in the workplace. Our increased PPE manufacturing will enable dedicated frontline healthcare workers to do their jobs safely in the fight against COVID-19 as we move into this critical Winter period. This equipment will be produced through our Alpha Solway division at the new Warrington manufacturing facility which, in addition to our growing facilities in South West Scotland, will create several hundred new jobs.

He continued: “We have committed tens of millions of pounds in capital investment for enhancement and expansion of our UK manufacturing capabilities. This will ensure we provide a long-term, sustainable, ongoing supply of PPE to NHS professionals, as well as key industry workers. Our new production plants will have product rolling off the lines by the end of October. At full capacity, our UK facilities will be capable of annual production of 200 million FFP3 masks, 100 million FFP2 masks, 1 billion Type IIR medical masks, and 22 million visors.”

Globus Group has also been awarded a £50m+ PPE contract with NHS Scotland for Alpha Solway to produce FFP3 respirator and Type IIR masks, fulfilling 87% of Scotland’s health and social care needs. FFP3 masks offer the highest level of protection against fine particles, including viruses and bacteria.

Alpha Solway pivoted its manufacturing capability to bring production into the UK in early 2020 to combat supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19, and its Dumfriesshire factories have already expanded their capacity to meet the NHS Scotland order, creating 200 new jobs for the area.

Steven Binnie continues, “We welcome these important commitments from the governments in both London & Edinburgh to purchase critical PPE equipment from British manufacturers. They send a positive signal to businesses and give Globus Group the confidence to continue investing in British jobs, workmanship and innovation.

Brilliant Masks launches ground-breaking new UK-made face covering from Alder Hey to help prevent spread of COVID-19

Alder Hey clinicians and innovators team up with Trafford-based firm, Brilliant Masks, to design and produce a face-covering of the highest industry and infection control standards

100% UK made, every face-covering bought will see a contribution to Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust to fund vital research and innovation projects

Alder Hey clinicians and innovators have teamed up with Brilliant Masks to launch what is believed to be one of the UK’s leading non-medical face coverings, with a contribution from each sale going to Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Brilliant Masks, which launched this week, have been designed and tested to the toughest industry health and infection standards. The new cloth face coverings are intended to be one of the best in the market in terms of comfort, breathability, fit and protection.

Sustainably sourced and with a transparent and traceable supply chain, Brilliant Masks are manufactured from start to finish in the UK and are printed using toxic-free Greenprinted™️ Technology.

They have been designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety. The masks are made of super soft 450 thread Supima cotton and have an anti-viral coating tested against COVID-19.

They are available in Adult and Child sizes and are fully washable, easy to iron and reusable. They are available now at

Priced at £9.99, every Brilliant Mask sold will see a contribution of up to 20% made to Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and could raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for vital research, development and innovation projects at the specialist children’s trust.

Brilliant Masks is now aiming to become regarded in the UK as the nation’s leading non-medical face covering as Alder Hey encourages UK families to opt for high-quality face coverings to protect against the transmission of COVID-19.

“There are so many face coverings available in the UK, often shipped in from across the world, but also with a huge variation in their safety, comfort and practicality levels,” said Emma Hughes, Deputy Director of Innovation at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

“Early on in the pandemic we identified a need for a non-clinical and child-friendly face covering that could provide some protection from COVID-19, so we began to develop a cloth face covering that would be one of the best in the market in terms of comfort, breathability, fit and protection.

“We were also keen to support the UK manufacturing industry during these challenging times and are delighted to have partnered with English Fine Cottons and Brilliant Masks, both close to us here in the North West. Combining our expertise has been invaluable in creating a covering that looks both fashionable and comfortable while most importantly efficiently catching coughs and sneezes and helping to protect our children, families and staff from viruses including COVID-19.”

Roland Partridge, Consultant Paediatric and Neonatal Surgeon at Alder Hey, added: “Our aim was to develop a product that would set the standard for optimal protection, providing our patients and families with an effective face covering when visiting the hospital. We’re pleased we are now able to offer this amazing product to the wider public with Brilliant Masks.

“The child-friendly design combined with the quality, fit and comfort of the face coverings means the whole family can wear them, whilst also supporting the hospital and helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Michael Conway, Founder of Brilliant Masks, said: “We’re immensely proud to be able to team up with Alder Hey to launch Brilliant Masks and we hope the nation really gets behind them. With a percentage of the price going to Alder Hey, people can ensure they’re also supporting the delivery of some truly ground-breaking projects.

“Together, we need to change the narrative on face coverings here in the UK. We have to demand greater safety standards in our supply chain for masks, as they are so critical to the safety of our nation and our families. Brilliant Masks are a leading light in face coverings now, they are also a truly traceable, eco-friendly product. From the field where the cotton for your mask was grown, to the factories in the UK where it was spun, woven into high-quality fabric and printed with its fun designs, the environment has been taken into account.

“With a low carbon footprint and excellent eco-credentials, by choosing one of these masks, people are helping keep our planet free of single-use plastic waste which ends up in our oceans or landfill, whilst also supporting Alder Hey and limiting the spread of COVID-19,” concluded Michael.

Why Sarah has designs on pioneering face masks

A BRISTOL-based fabric designer is rekindling a family association with the textile trade by creating designs for fashion-conscious face mask wearers.

Sarah Burghard, a bespoke textile designer for the hospitality trade, has been commissioned to add some fashionable flair to a range of masks made in a pioneering 3D fabric with an anti-viral finish.

The masks have been produced by Sarah’s cousin, Charles Wood, who runs Baltex – a textile company set up by their great-great-great grandfather William Ball in 1830.
Today the company continues to thrive in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance technical textiles and sales of their latest product – the Airox Face Mask – have surged by 450%.

Now Sarah is responding to the needs of customers demanding a more attractive mask while still having the reassurance that it has the technical capabilities and comfort of the original design.

Sarah, who runs her business from a houseboat in Bristol Marina, said:

“Although we both have a six generation heritage in the textile industry, and we both have businesses rooted in fabrics, it’s the first time Charles and I have collaborated together.

“While Charles has predominately been working with utilitarian clients like the NHS and the military, I have been working more creatively, so it’s wonderful to produce something together.

“It has been a challenge to establish how you transfer a pattern onto this material, so we have spent some time ensuring the printing processes and techniques are spot on.”

Baltex won an innovation prize from The Textile Institute in 2010 for its work in 3D fabrics and at the start of the pandemic the company transferred its research and development capabilities into the Airox Face Mask.

Using the same 3D fabric technology it used to develop a pressure relief cushion for wheelchair users and mattresses, the reusable mask provides two layers of breathable fabric in a single lightweight construction which is comfortable to wear as it distributes pressure evenly.

The fabric is water repellent so, unlike cotton, avoids the absorption of droplets and is also constructed to divert expelled air, which reduces the chance of passing the virus on.

The masks, which are machine washable at 60 degrees, are also coated in an antiviral finish, called ViralOff, from the Swedish hygiene specialist Polygiene.

Baltex is one of the first companies in the world to use the finish on a face mask. While the treatment has not been tested against Covd-19, it has been accredited with reducing levels of Influenza A, BirdFlu, Norovirus and SARS by 99%.

Like Charles, Sarah has also shifted the emphasis of her business during lockdown, establishing a virtual interior design service, a move which still allows her to use the flair for fabrics she has inherited from generations of her family.

Sarah added: “I like to tell the story of a product or company through the fabric and so my designs for the facemask have taken inspiration from the woven texture of the material.
“While it is easy to buy either pretty masks or functional masks, the idea is that the Airox has all the science and style of both.”

The Airox Face Mask retails at £7.99.  To learn more, visit:

Welsh manufacturer set to double workforce thanks to investment in sustainable PPE

A Welsh company has nearly doubled its permanent workforce to 127 staff in just four months after switching part of its operations to create personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Based in Ystrad Mynach, Transcend Packaging specialises in providing sustainable packaging products to quick service restaurants including McDonalds and Starbucks. Converting some of its production lines and assistance from Life Sciences Hub Wales has allowed the company to supply over 15 million protective face shields to the NHS and UK Department of Health and Social Care since April.

The switch has helped to safeguard the jobs of over 70 employees as orders for the hospitality sector dropped during lockdown. Now, with restaurants beginning to reopen and orders for the industry picking back up, the company has initiated a recruitment drive, employing an additional 54 permanent staff and 30 agency workers to meet global demand for both its packaging and PPE.

The news comes as Transcend has been awarded more than £10m of funding, led by IW Capital, to facilitate the growth of the busines, which it will use to expand its range of paper-based packaging solutions to further reduce the quick serve industry’s dependence on single use plastics.

However, the first results from that investment will be felt locally as the ramping up process to meet the global demand fuels new job creation in South Wales.

The company will continue to produce PPE long-term alongside its regular sustainable packaging products to support the country’s journey out of lockdown back to normality, by providing staff across a range of sectors with protective equipment.

Lorenzo Angelucci, CEO at Transcend Packaging said: “The UK lockdown led to a significant drop in demand for our packaging so adapting our operations was critical to protecting the business. Since restaurants have reopened, orders have picked back up again, enabling us to return to producing products for the sector.

“Despite this, we plan on continuing to the manufacturing of face shields and coverings to help protect workers on the frontline and provide much needed protection to retail, hospitality and office staff as they return to their workplaces.

“Social distancing looks set to stay for the foreseeable, so our aim is to be part of the long-term solution by making a full suite of PPE products that can be used by employees across a range of settings, as well as the public.  Increasing our workforce will be key to achieving this expansion and we are pleased to have been able to provide employment opportunities to people in the region.”

Transcend is currently manufacturing more than one million face shields a week with the capacity to double this to two million as circumstances warrant. As well as supplying the products to various settings across the UK, its shields have also been distributed internationally across Europe, Japan and the US.

Made from reinforced paper boards and recyclable materials, Transcend’s first face shields were designed for single use and to be recycled. The company has since introduced a new plastic free, fully compostable version, which has proven extremely popular with demand for the range increasing.

Transcend’s change in production came after the company contacted Life Sciences Hub Wales for guidance on the certification requirements its products would need to meet to be able to be offered to the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP).

Life Sciences Hub Wales, which has been appointed by Welsh Government to manage all initial enquiries and offers of support from businesses on behalf of NHS Wales, worked closely with Transcend to help it adapt its production line and ensure its face shields met all necessary standards, including crucial CE certification.

Cari-Anne Quinn, CEO of Life Sciences Hub Wales said: “Across Wales, we have seen businesses working hard, adapting and innovating to offer their support in the national fight against Covid-19. Transcend is a primary example of this inspiring work and we are proud to have worked with them to help the company become certified to produce vital PPE.

“Transcend’s products have helped protect key workers all over the country and their efforts to help the frontline are commendable. In addition to supporting NHS Wales and health workers all over the world, their team’s drive to adjust and innovate is generating an economic boost and employment opportunities at a crucial time for Wales.”

Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport Lee Waters added: “The way Transcend Packaging has adapted its operations throughout this pandemic is a testament to its resilience and versatility.

“The company has not only survived but thrived as a result and is helping us in our efforts to protect people. It’s great news that new jobs have been created for those living locally at what remains an extremely challenging time for our economy.

“Life Sciences Hub Wales has been crucial in helping achieve this, and their efforts alongside Transcend Packaging shows what is truly possible when urgency and collaboration are combined.”

Any businesses looking to submit offers of support in the fight against coronavirus should do so via the Life Sciences Hub Wales portal, which can be accessed via:

Free PPE for retail businesses across the UK, here’s how to apply.

The current global health crisis has had far-reaching effects, both on a personal level and at our places of work.

Almost all small independent businesses, from local shops to hairdressers and trades services, had to close temporarily as lockdown continued and costs outweighed the reduced sales. For many, there is still uncertainty around reopening – whether it’s safe to bring staff back into the store and how to support clients and customers through this time.

In order to support a smooth transition back into regular operations, Summit Defence is now offering free support with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to independent businesses across the UK. PPE for staff is an added cost during a time when money is tight, and assistance with properly kitting out your employees and stores can be hugely beneficial.

Meghan Jordan, Marketing and Events lead at Summit Defence comments,

“As shops, restaurants and pubs across the country are starting to reopen again, we recognise that there are still many small and independent businesses that don’t have the necessary funds to fully reopen again under social distancing government guidelines. We’re happy to be offering our PPE products to any business owners who need it to help refuel the economy and offer assistance in any way that we can.”

How can I get free PPE?

To apply to receive free PPE for your UK business, all you have to do is:

  1. Send an email to detailing your full name, business name, business registration number, business address and an estimate of much PPE you think you would require in-store.
  2. If you would like to, include details of your business story during lockdown and whether you’ve been able to reopen yet.

We want to provide support in any way possible during these difficult times. Applications will be reviewed until November 1st and we’ll be in touch if we’re able to provide you with our free PPE products.

Terms & Conditions

  • Each business can only submit 1 application.
  • You are not guaranteed to receive free PPE by applying.
  • If you have been chosen to receive free PPE we will be in touch with you before or at the end of the application period.
  • Applications open to UK business only.
  • All applications must be submitted by 1st November 2020. Any entries made after this date will not be counted.
  • The chosen applicant/s to receive free PPE will be contacted by 3rd November 2020.

Julie Gouldbourn, Director of Operations at DRB Ignite comments, “The Summit Shields have proved to be the perfect solution with their flexible sizing and very simple installation. The transparent screens have given us peace of mind knowing we are able to offer our staff a safer working environment and with the added bonus of being easy to keep clean. Staff were extremely impressed with the screens and we have now placed further orders for our school office spaces.

I would highly recommend this product for any work environment to help you get your business back up and running.” 

Cherry Cavill, Co-Founder at Prolife CBD also comments, “Staff safety is such a priority, but it’s been hard contacting my employees and managing their expectations. With Summit Defence helping determine what PPE was needed in our office and warehouse and kitting us out fully, it helped reassure my team that everything was up to scratch and we were following government guidelines.” 

For more information on Summit Defence’s PPE products see here:

PPE experts ensure NHS Wales’ equipment is fit for purpose

As the Covid-19 pandemic sparked unprecedented global demand and competition for personal protective equipment (PPE), a Denbighshire-based protective equipment specialist has leveraged its international supply chains to ensure Wales has access to sources of essential equipment.

Established in 2005, Workplace Worksafe is a major UK supplier of workplace PPE and protective workwear. As one of the largest independent distributors in the UK, the company typically sells more than 250,000 products to customers operating in a range of sectors across the country and Europe.

Responding to a call issued by Life Sciences Hub Wales for industry support in Wales’ battle against the virus, PPE experts at Workplace Worksafe utilised their relationships with an international network of PPE and protective clothing manufacturers to establish a pipeline of productive equipment, including masks, scrubs and fitment tests, into the country.

The Covid-19 emergency has seen businesses across Wales rally to ensure NHS Wales and frontline services can access PPE equipment that will protect those working to save lives and serve their communities. To date, partnering with Life Sciences Hub Wales has enabled Workplace Worksafe to supply over 27,120 pieces of equipment into NHS Wales via the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership.

Cari-Anne Quinn, CEO of Life Sciences Hub Wales, said: “Our call out to Welsh industry generated a phenomenal response from businesses operating in a range of sectors across the country.

“Workplace Worksafe are a fantastic example of how Wales has been able to create partnerships that unlock specialist expertise and facilitate collaboration that results in new supply chains into NHS Wales. Our work with NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership has enabled us to secure safe and certified products that will play a vital role in protecting both patients, and those working on the frontline of our health and social care sectors.”

The achievements of the Workplace Worksafe team goes beyond the ability to source PPE. Their expertise and experience alongside partners at Life Sciences Hub Wales has enabled them to ensure that the equipment sourced meets the standards required for use by NHS Wales.

PPE equipment, such as masks, can only protect an individual if it fits correctly, forming a secure seal when worn. For this reason, Workplace Worksafe also worked to secure FIT Test kits that help NHS Wales staff ensure that they find the type of mask that best fits and protects them.

In addition to producing and sourcing equipment for Wales’ healthcare and frontline services, Workplace Worksafe is also helping employers across Wales to access the PPE they need to keep their teams and customers safe.

Workplace-Worksafe’s managing director, Rhian Parry, said: “As a Welsh business, we are passionate about moving the production of PPE and other critical goods back to Wales. Our team in Ruthin have been working extended hours, seven days a week to secure supplies and we are proud that we have been able to help with sourcing much-needed resources for healthcare teams across the country.

“Working with Life Science Hub Wales is allowing us to ensure that the equipment, that our teams have worked tirelessly to source and create, goes directly to where NHS Wales needs it the most. That work isn’t over as we continue to secure regular shipments of PPE for NHS Wales, with new containers arriving each month.”

Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport, Lee Waters said: “Welsh businesses continue to play an absolutely crucial role in helping us provide the vital PPE supplies our healthcare workers need.

“Suppliers like Workplace Worksafe have really risen to the challenge posed by this pandemic and are key in ensuring we have a long-term supply of important items.

“I would like to thank them, and the Life Sciences Hub, for all that they’re doing as we continue to deal with coronavirus.”

Hospital Innovations awarded CE mark for high quality PPE gowns

A leading medical supply company in Wales has secured CE marking for its stock of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Hospital Innovations specialises in delivering innovative and safe solutions to hospitals and clinics worldwide, and in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, has made sourcing PPE for facilities in the UK a priority. The CE mark, which comes into effect this month, indicates that the class one single use non-sterile waterproof gowns supplied by the Talbot Green based distributor conform with health, safety and environmental protection standards.

Hospital Innovations collaborated with Leicestershire medical grade material specialists, Warren Nonwovens Ltd, and Gocotex SL, a large European technical apparel manufacturer, to create thousands of non-sterile waterproof gowns. The trio of companies continued to work together to achieve the accreditation which allows further sales and distribution across Europe and USA.

South Wales Police and one of the UK’s leading private hospital groups are among organisations who have purchased the high-quality gowns, which are made from non-woven materials that provide a bacterial barrier, from Hospital Innovations while a number of English NHS Trust hospitals have also expressed an interest in trialling the gowns at their sites.

Due to the high demand for the accredited gowns, Hospital Innovations recently liaised with Sony to safely store excess gowns at its UK Technology Centre in Pencoed before they are distributed to recipients.

Phil Davies, Chairman at Hospital Innovations, said: “We are delighted to have obtained CE marking for our medical grade safety gowns. The process to achieve this recognition is testament to the dedication and collaborative work of our team, Warren Nonwovens Ltd and Gocotex SL.

“The demand for medical-grade, quality PPE has been unprecedented during the ongoing pandemic and this latest development will provide assurances to our customers that our products are always of the highest standards.”

Hospital Innovations, established in 2008, has recently established a dedicated PPE website for individuals and businesses. For more information, visit or