London HR Connection Event: 14 November – Ensuring Employee Recognition

The London HR Connection is delighted to welcome three highly experienced HR professionals from the private and public sectors to discuss the increasingly important – and often highly complex – issue of employee recognition in all of its guises at its event on 14th November.

HR professionals in both sectors face some seemingly diverse and impossible challenges when it comes to recognising and rewarding their employees.  When compared to the private sector, it’s clear, for example, that practicing effective employee recognition in the public sector will have its own set of unique challenges.  How do you attract new employees into a business and encourage them to stay with little to no budget?  And how do you get new employees through the door when a supermarket down the road is offering 50p per hour more and less stressful working conditions?  What are the similarities as well as the disparities between the private and public sectors and what lessons can be learnt from each other – if any?

Led by Matthew Norbury, the CEO of the not-for-profit Each Person Community Interest Company, our panelists from Bupa and the Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will share their experiences and attempt to answer these questions.

The event starts at 6.15 pm – to learn more and/or book a place, click here.


Karen Archer-Burton is Assistant Director, HR and L&D, at Ashford and St Peters Hospitals Foundation Trust.  Karen has spent the majority of her career in the public sector, predominately within Metropolitan Borough Councils in the North of England with Surrey County Council. In 2017 she moved from local government to her first NHS role within a busy acute trust. She now leads a range of services and projects from the L&D function to occupational health, wellbeing and employee recognition.

Will Guy is a Strategic HR Business Partner for Bupa’s Care Services business.  Before joining Bupa five years ago, Will worked in a number of other sectors including IT, insurance and transport. Common in all these roles has been a focus on employee experience and voice so that the businesses he worked for could create a highly engaged workforce. Establishing a well-received recognition platform has been integral to the engagement strategy in every case.

Matt Norbury is the CEO and founder of IAT, the tech company that helps companies better connect with their customers and employees using ‘epoints’ which transform recognition and reward in the workplace. He is also the CEO of the ‘not for profit’ Each Person Community Interest Company. Having raised over £20 million funding, Matt has assembled a brilliant team and a growing list of major clients with IAT and Each Person.