UK and Australian DMAs agree new deal to bring UK’s world- leading learning solutions to APAC region

Today the UK Data & Marketing Association can announce that its Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM) has agreed a new partnership with the Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), based in Australia, to extend their world-leading learning solutions to the APAC region’s data and marketing community.

The UK DMA is recognised as a global leader in the data and marketing industry with pioneering, customer-focussed principles and learning platforms. As a proud member of The Global Alliance of Data-Driven Marketing Associations (GDMA) network, the UK DMA aims to help support marketing associations from around the globe that focus on data-driven marketing.

Andy Dorling, general manager, the IDM said:

“The IDM is a social enterprise dedicated to raising professional standards in marketing. Through this partnership, we are collaborating to ensure that data and marketing professionals around the world are able to deliver better services that improve the customer experience. Our industry never stands still, and so businesses and their marketers must be equipped with the latest skills and insights that reflect the evolving demands of the customer.”

ADMA, like the UK DMA, strive to equip all data and marketing professionals with the tools and capabilities they require to flourish in a global economy that is rapidly evolving.

Earlier this year, ADMA announced its commitment to harnessing more educational resources and this new partnership will help to expand their learning service offering.

“ADMA is committed to data-driven marketing that prioritises the needs of the customer. This new partnership will ensure we are not only able to offer internationally renowned services to our membership and community, but we are able to do so with enhanced content and an extensive service offering,” said Andrea Martens, CEO, ADMA.

“This means refreshing our curriculum, and improving our online and face-to-face training programmes, albeit refined with an Australian component.”

ADMA also aims to use the IDM’s services to help them engage with aspiring data and marketing professionals, and current professionals at various stages of their careers, with a major focus on entry-level training, and expansion of the intermediate elements of its curriculum.

Dorling summarised:

“We are in a fortunate position where we are able to assist the international data and marketing community, partnering with GDMA members to develop the very best customer-focussed learning content, created by industry professionals at the top of their game. We look forward to creating further opportunities for the IDM to offer our expertise to help advance the careers of future generations across the globe.”