August 5, 2021

Chester Gym bounces back from lockdown with no joining fee and free personal training offer

Chester gym, CH1 Fitness, has bounced back from lockdown since the Government allowed gyms to re-open on 25 July… and now, the gym’s latest offer is proving really successful, with locked-down adults keen to get back to exercising and losing the excess weight that many put on while confined to their homes.
Owner and Personal Trainer, Adam Goodman, explains:
“Nobody becomes a personal trainer for financial gain, it’s very much a labour of love – for me, the motivation was to help people achieve their fitness goals.  It’s a really rewarding way of life, so being unable to do this for some time was difficult, and seeing clients lose progress during lockdown was so disheartening.
“I therefore made the decision that, when we re-opened, we would waive the joining fee and give every single new sign up a free personal training session.  This means we can ensure that everyone is able to use the Technogym equipment safely, and also allows us to help set new goals for clients and design a programme that will help clients achieve them.
“Clients who are following an exercise programme are far more likely to exercise and stick to it, which is great for them, but it’s also great for us – there really is no better feeling than seeing a client reach their target, it is after all what motivates most personal trainers to join the industry.
“The offer is already proving popular and I look forward to sharing the success stories on our social media!”
To learn more, or to take advantage of the offer, visit the website: