February 24, 2021

Nothing but Growth for North-East based Green Supplier Limited

In 2019, Green Supplier Limited was set up with one goal in mind; to build a business that would combat carbon emissions. One year on and the North-East based energy supplier, appropriately named ‘Green’, is thriving. Having secured it’s position within a competitive market, the company now supplies low cost, clean renewable energy to more than 90,000 eco-conscious customers and has created nearly 100 new jobs (recruiting 60% of their current workforce during lockdown with no plans to stop) within the North-East and across the UK.

Collectively, the company and its members are working to create a greener future for generations to come. With 100% of their electricity sourced from renewable technologies, such as offshore wind turbines, the average Green member will save 700kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Green supplies energy to members across the UK. They promise that with every unit of electricity they use, another unit is returned to the National Grid.

Green is focused on modernising the energy market, offering members 24 hour support, 7 days a week via live chat, web portal, over the phone and via their app. By incorporating artificial intelligence and new technologies, Green gives customers tailored insights into their energy usage and spend. This, according to their website, can lead to savings upwards of £300/yr.

This year we’ve definitely seen the devastating impact that human activity has had on our planet. With huge forest fires and extreme weather, it has been hard to ignore the current climate crisis. Most recently, David Attenborough’s documentary, ‘A Life On Our Planet’ highlighted just how important it is to lead greener lifestyles. The BBC broadcaster paints a frightening picture of our not so distant future, suggesting that by 2100s the security and stability of our planet will be lost.

“Our natural world is under greater pressure now than at any time in human history, and the future of the entire planet – on which every single one of us depends – is in grave jeopardy.”

Thankfully, impending doom isn’t the key takeaway from Attenborough’s witness statement. “We still have an opportunity to reverse catastrophic biodiversity loss, but time is running out” Sir David, 94, adds.

Switching to renewable energy is a large part of the solution, making companies like Green an imperative part of the UK’s future.

Peter McGirr, the Chief Executive of Green said “At Green, we believe climate change is one of the biggest issues facing our generation. With this in mind, we’re glad to be playing a small part in helping our eco-conscious members make the change to using energy from renewable sources. With a great value proposition, we’re making their energy easier to manage day to day with our easy to use app and our friendly team, who are always available to assist.”

It is because of Green’s commitment to supplying renewable electricity and the company’s outstanding customer service, that they have seen month-on-month growth since launch.

Rated “excellent” on Trustpilot with over 4,300 5* reviews, members have continually praised the team for their dedication to Green members. In June 2020, this hard work was further rewarded when Green ranked 2nd place on the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for customer service. On social media, Green praised it’s staff and members, revealing their goal was to show month-on-month improvements in the next quarterly report.

To learn more, visit: green.energy