Groundbreaking health therapy arrives in Horley

Celebrity chiropractor from ‘Horley Spinal Health’ expands his services with a revolutionary cell regeneration machine


Surrey-based chiropractic clinic, Horley Spinal Health, established by Dr. Philip Mitchell, who has been practising for 15 years and has had the privilege of working with world famous actors, has invested in the new cutting-edge Molecular Bio-Physical Stimulation (MBST) machine.


The machine has been in situ for several weeks, and Dr. Philip Mitchell has seen enormous interest: “We have been amazed by the initial interest and results from the MBST machine. There are so many people that can benefit from this treatment. The first couple of patients who have completed courses for chronic knee osteoarthritis have already noted reduction in pain and better mobility”.


Established in 2001, Horley Spinal Clinic has treated over 5000 patients in the past two decades, from babies to ninety-year olds, including one of England’s finest actors. The clinic specialises in helping patients to achieve their wellness goals, treating conditions including; back pain, neck pain, headaches, accident and injury recovery, stress, and mobility issues. 


It is the latest of just 12 centres in the UK to offer the groundbreaking therapy which stimulates cell repair and regrowth using non-invasive technology. When combined with traditional chiropractic  techniques, MBST can offer potentially life-changing results. 


Dr. Mitchell, who has been practising for 15 years and treated over 10,000 patients,  describes; “one of my frustrations as a Chiropractor is that there are some patients who have damaged joints that just don’t get better, or don’t get the results that we would like. When my father underwent MBST therapy to successfully treat his chronic back pain, I investigated further.” 


Philip’s father, Dr. Tim Mitchell relays his positive experience: “When Cura suggested that I try MBST for my back pain due to degenerative discs I decided to give it a go. It was a really easy experience and quite mindful just lying down for each of the 7 sessions. It also worked! I do feel it could be a game changer for the NHS if its value is recognised.” 


MBST is not widely known in the UK but it has transformed the lives of thousands of people across the world over the past 20 years. It is a completely pain-free and non-invasive therapy.


Success stories of MBST include David Flatman, former England rugby player, who credits the treatment after a career in rugby that left him battered, with his joints now “feeling like new” and he that “can’t actually believe the power of it [MBST]”.


Philip has been amazed by the technology and the results it provides for people with such a range of conditions. He adds: “It has persuaded me this was something I needed to offer my patients, so I’m very excited to announce that our MBST machine has been installed this month.”


Horley Spinal Health will use the pioneering MBST technology in tandem with chiropractic practices to treat pain, injuries and musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, sciatica, and spinal degeneration, as well as medical conditions including; pinched nerves, nerve spasms, slipped disks, and tennis elbow.


The technology works by stimulating damaged and degenerated cartilage, bone, ligament, tendon and muscle cells to encourage repair and regrowth. 


Once the cells of the affected area or injury have been sufficiently stimulated from MBST therapy, the cells will continue to grow and develop by themselves, reducing pain and enabling greater mobility. 


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