September 27, 2021

Logo Lady launches in Northants

A local branding expert has launched a new online course specifically to help new start-ups to create their own logo and business brand.

Trudie Avery of Avery Creative – often referred to as the #LogoLady – has capitalised on her nickname and created to help new businesses not only create their own logo, but understand who they are as a brand and who they want to attract too.

The Logo Lady site will take users through the process of creating their own logo and brand by completing a series of modules. Those who sign up will also become part of the Logo Lady Launchpad Facebook community and be able to access additional content from Trudie, such as videos, tips and advice. Trudie will also run weekly Q & A sessions so if anyone is working their way through the modules and has additional questions, Trudie will be on hand to answer them.

“When new companies are being created, quite often the new business owner will know that they need a logo but not necessarily know that they need to establish a brand,” says Trudie.

“The logo is very often the starting point for a brand, so I wanted to create a resource that not only helps with the creation of a logo, but also gets people thinking about colour psychology, fonts, tone of voice, personality and their ideal client from the beginning. Doing this at the start of their new business journey helps them get clear on who they want to speak to and their brand values, which enables them to attract their ideal clients straight away and grow at a quicker rate.

“Time and again I have seen new companies waste time and money on coming up with a ‘pretty’ logo quickly and then having to re-do it at a later date when they have discovered that they are attracting the wrong kind of clients, or worse, no clients at all.”

Trudie has worked in graphic design and branding for 25 years, working with big brands including Coca Cola and Virgin Holidays before realising she could really help start-up businesses with creating a brand at the very beginning of their journey. In the last four years, since establishing her business Avery Creative, Trudie has created over 120 new logos for clients ranging from coaches and caterers to croupiers and consultants. She is also the resident branding expert for the Northamptonshire Business and IP Centre, regularly hosting free branding webinars for start-up businesses in the county.

For more information, go to or email [email protected].