MEF CONNECTS Digital Transformation online event (25-27 May) from the Mobile Ecosystem Forum 

MEF CONNECTS Digital Transformation event is taking place online this year from 25th to 27th May.

This is The Mobile Ecosystem Forum’s (MEF) third online event this year. Over the three session-packed days attendees will gain a better understanding of Mobile Identity and Authentication; Health Passes, RCS (the SMS gamechanger); fraud and payment security; Mobile Advertising; Conversational Commerce; and much more.

“Too many people are talking about Digital Transformation, too few are actually doing something about it.  Yes, the pandemic has generated a lot of knee-jerk reactions and tactical moves, but few true transformations. The majority of companies and governments have been slow to rethink identity, payments and marketing for the smartphone age. Mobile is central to today’s consumer experience. Some think that making a website visible on smartphones is the epitome of mobility – they are wrong. At MEF CONNECTS Digital Transformation we are bringing the ‘doers’ together to share and discuss the real transformations happening in the market.” said MEF CEO Dario Betti.

Key sessions include:

  • Are Health Passes the key to unlocking travel, work and the wider economy?

The panel includes Andrew Parkin-White, Mobile IoT Advisor at MEF; Julian Ranger, Executive Chairman of; Pavlina Navratilova, Market Manager for IDEMIA; Frank Joshi, MD of MVine; and Andrew Tobin, MD EMEA of Evernym Inc.

The panel will discuss the key issues around the deployment of digital health passes including: How are different jurisdictions developing health passes? What do governments need to do to facilitate a smooth rollout? How will they work? How are technology organisations addressing these challenges? How soon can we expect them to be deployed?

“Health Passes, also being called Vaccine Passports are emerging. We have moved beyond the discussion and into the reality. Governments and companies are already rolling out solutions. But how can we make sure that these will be secure, private and efficient? We urgently need to go deeper on Health Passes to understand the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. It is time to talk with the companies that are building these solutions.” explained MEF CEO, Dario Betti.

  • How are mobile network operators approaching the digital identity opportunity?

Speakers include Stein Hansen, CEO of Opensky Consulting; Richard Cockle, Global Head of IoT, Identity and Big Data at GSMA; Glyn Povah, Head of Product Development Digital Identity at Telefonica Tech; Allister Fraser, Digital Identity New Business Development at BT; Fraser King, Global Head of Vodafone Identity Hub; Stefan Kostic, CEO of Ipification; and Greg Hill, Chief Commercial Officer at Zenkey.

The panel will discuss the challenges to the digital identity opportunity. What solutions are on the table. How do the approaches vary by country / geography? Where are the opportunities? What does it take for the MNO industry to be successful in digital identity?

  • How the UK is developing a new trust framework for digital identity – the status, learning and next steps.

Speakers include Alison McDowell, Digital Identity Advisor, DCMS; Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist at OIX; and Steve Pannifer, COO at Consult Hyperion.  The chair is Andrew Parkin-White, Mobile IoT advisor at MEF.

The panel will discuss the current state of play of the UK digital identity trust framework. How will it work and what are the timelines? Which applications will it be used for? What challenges is the UK facing in moving forward with the trust framework (legal, regulatory, certification)? What cultural factors do we need to take into account? How can suppliers best meet the needs of the trust framework?

  • Mobile Payment Security 360°

Speakers include James Williams, Director of Programmes at MEF; David Lotfi, CEO of Evina; Brian Petit, CTO of MCP Insight; Alexis Bartelds, Co-Founder of SAM Media; John Bruner, CEO of Aegis Mobile; David Rennie, Digital Identity Platform Service Owner at IDEMIA; and Christoforos Papachristou, Strategic Account Manager at Census.

The panel will discuss why fraud is rampant in the growing market of payments, and the main threat vectors in payments. How can the risks be mitigated so companies can deliver peace of mind and a frictionless customer experience? Antifraud professionals will also discuss what the industry needs to do next.

“Everyone is excited about fintech, but a lot of the excitement is really aimed at the wrong part of the market. Some of the Fintech darlings have bombed, while the evident success of mobile payments has been treated as yesterday’s news. Greensill Capital, which ended in a $10 billion insolvency protection case, and Wirecard, which was involved in a $3.5 billion accounting scandal, should remind us all how bad things can get when investing in fintech. Compare that with MEF’s consumer survey that reports that globally 24% of smartphone users have used their mobile to pay for services, and 32% said they have paid a subscription via their phone.  The mobile is the new cash.” said Dario Betti, MEF CEO.

  • RCS – the game changer the world has been waiting for. 

Speakers include James Williams, Director Of Programmes at MEF; Kerstin Trikalitis, CEO, Out There Media; and Andy Pattison, Team Lead Digital Channels, at the World Health Organisation.

The panel will discuss how Out There Media and the World Health Organization [WHO] are harnessing the power of RCS to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and empower positive change in the world.

  • Digital identity success stories from Italy, Estonia, Germany, Belgium and Singapore.

Speakers include Quek Sin Kwok from Govtech Singapore; Antonio Taurisano from Namirial Group, and Valerio Paolini, both from Italy; Anmett Numa, Digital Transformation Advisor from Estonia; and Sylvie Vandevelde from Itsme in Belgium. The chair is Andrew Parkin-White, Mobile IoT advisor from MEF.

There will be over 30 hours of live interaction with global expert speakers from across 35 countries, including RCS Roundtable discussions for Europe, LatAm, and Africa.

The event is aimed at mobile enterprises, operators, aggregators and wholesalers, as well as mobile consulting and solutions providers looking to transform their businesses and thrive in 2021 and beyond.

Previous events have attracted over 1000 attendees from 45 countries, including representative from enterprises, operators, CPass\ aggregators\ wholesalers, consulting and solutions firms, regulators, government officials, fintech, and digital marketing companies.

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