European Management Journal on the rise

The European Management Journal’s new impact factor was released in June 2021, jumping to 5.075 from 2.369.

The European Management Journal (EMJ) is a flagship scholarly journal, publishing internationally leading research across all areas of management. It is owned by ESCP Business School and the University of Glasgow.

“With an impact factor over 5 – a culmination of many years’ hard work – the European Management Journal is now on par with, or above, other world-class management journals, confirming its global reach and status,” stated Co-Editor Minas Kastanakis, Professor of Marketing at ESCP’s London Campus, EMJ’s Editor-in-Chief from 2018 until April 2021.

ESCP’s Professor of Management Maral Muratbekova-Touron will join the EMJ as a Co-Editor in Chief in March 2022 and move to the role of Editor in Chief in 2024, succeeding Professor of Management Sarah Robinson from the University of Glasgow.

The European Management Journal is available online.