Quantum Group adopts a hybrid work approach model with new offices to fuel next phase of innovation and growth

Quantum Group, the investment group which holds a leading portfolio of companies active in the technology and fintech sectors today announced the expansion of its London offices to further support their next phase of growth.

Within the Quantum Group portfolio are companies such as Tail, which provides cashback solutions for banks, such as Monzo and Starling Bank and eliminates the need for loyalty cards or vouchers, by transferring cashback directly to customers’ bank accounts after purchase; Volopa, an international payments and business expense solutions for consumers and businesses, Vantage and security specialists Valkyrie.

To support the rapid growth and expansion of their Fintech companies which have already outgrown their current premises; Tail, Volopa and Vantage, will move into new offices located in Victoria, opposite from the station for added convenience for those commuting and provides boardrooms, meeting rooms, break-out areas, as well as extras such as bike racks, changing rooms and showers! All the essentials required to welcome the teams to their new ‘Work Away from Home’. Whereas Quantum Group HQ and Valkyrie will move into new premises in Belgrave Square. Both office locations have been carefully selected to reflect each company’s identity and future growth plans.

Managing a portfolio of different companies and teams would usually raise challenges due to differing corporate cultures and business values but we’ve been lucky to have a strong leadership team at the head of all our companies – that have successfully installed a common vision that is shared by the Quantum Group and its management team.

“Our portfolio of companies is growing very quickly and to continue to deliver innovative and high-quality services to our customers, we need to focus on what it is that we actually do and do it well. To that end, we have made sure that we have the best possible structure in place, with a group of companies that complement and support each other. There are significant crossovers in our portfolio companies that allow us to remain agile and drive efficiency. This has facilitated the decision to also bring together certain companies of our portfolio under common offices, enabling cross team engagement and collaborations to further drive innovation of our products and the growth of our portfolio,” comments Floyd Woodrow, CEO and Founder of Quantum Group.

Many of our teams also became accustomed to working remotely during the pandemic and now that social distancing is slowly being lifted, and businesses start to reopen, it was important to continue to support both our employees that wished to continue flexible remote-work arrangements and those that wished for a more in-office approach.

Floyd says, “We experienced how successful flexible remote working was across all our companies and teams during the pandemic, and how the standard 9-to-5 working hours can differ without any impact to overall productivity – in contrary we saw a significant uplift in productivity during these times. Offering flexible work arrangements has become the new norm and can bring with it many advantages and by allowing our employees the flexibility to work from home while still maintaining some in-person collaboration is the future of work. To ensure we continue to provide a secure and safe environment to our employees during COVID, we have also installed a rotating day schedule on different days for employees wishing to be in-office.”

Quantum Group is one of many companies, who have realised the importance of implementing a remote and hybrid working model across their business and how this provides many opportunities in terms of improving recruitment, diversity and employee retention, improved attendance and productivity, employee engagement by creating a better work/life balance and also contribute to minimising their carbon workplace ‘footprints’ to support sustainability efforts. Tech and fintech companies such as Currencycloud, Revolut, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce, Facebook and Amazon have all announced earlier this year that they are adopting a flexible remote hybrid approach to work.

Floyd further adds, “It’s an exciting phase of Quantum Group and the move into this new office, combined with that of implementing a hybrid work model is a real testament to our portfolio of companies to provide them with the right environment to support their well-being and their exceptional ability to generate value for our customers and drive the next phase of innovation and growth.”

About Quantum Group

Quantum Group is a leading fintech investment incubator, delivering regulated financial solutions through a range of core products, including state-of-the-art security innovations. When combined with integrated hardware, world-class service delivery, top-flight management and technical expertise sitting within all of Quantum’s investment arms, Quantum delivers practical real-world solutions at the highest levels. Through both its media arm and investments in software, Quantum has built a streamlined group with a balanced portfolio of capabilities.

For more information: https://quantumgroup.uk/