Adwords Tricks: How a little knowledge can help you boost your Adwords performance

Anyone with experience in working with clients on their marketing will tell you, the biggest mistake an advertiser can make is to decide they ‘know’ what their customers are searching for rather than to check.

Checking and knowing for certain is vitally important when spending money on online advertising, because targeting the wrong terms can make a huge difference to your spend and your success.

Let’s say you are a casino with a small budget in an industry with much bigger players? How can you get your Adwords share for a competitive term like ‘best online casinos UK’?

If you are spending money on Adwords, rather than just assume what will work for you when choosing keywords to target, it’s worth taking a little time to find the right keywords for both your website and your Adwords campaign – this will make a big difference to your success.

Two completely free tools – Google Search Sonsole and Adwords itself can guide you to improving both your organic and Adword success.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a great help because it can tell you what your site is already being found for – do a report on the last 30 days and voila – you can see what terms people typed into Google to find your business on organic search.

The higher you come on organic search, the more likely that term is to rank well on Google Adwords.  Therefore, while you are looking for your chosen term, take a look on Adwords for other keywords which you are already coming up for too, such as ‘best UK casino’.  Even rearranging the words within search terms can help, e.g. “online casinos best in UK”


What if my site is not ranking well for the term I want to be found for?

If your site is not ranking at the moment, even though a professional SEO service is the best way to deliver improvements, some simple changes to your landing pages could make a difference both to your organic rankings and to your Adwords success – insights from Google are your friend here.

Did you know Adwords has a quality score for your ads and that websites which have a higher quality score will both pay less for that term and rank higher?  The quality score is made up of:

  1. The quality of the general advert composition and
  2. The relevance of the landing page to that Adwords term and
  3. The likely click through rate for your adverts

If you are self-managing your campaigns and not getting anywhere fast, enable the quality score columns in your reports – Google’s own insights will guide you towards improving the relevance of content on your landing pages to these search terms, which will boost your scores and your Adwords success.

Creating a specific landing page for a keyword can often drastically boost quality scores, and a high quality score will both save your money and help you appear in search more often, irrespective of your Adwords budget.

There is not enough room in this article to teach you either Adwords or SEO, and using it well is a skill.  Most media management agencies will only employ Adwords Certified Professionals – they don’t come cheap, but they are very experienced and almost always save more in wasted spend than they cost.

However, if you really are tight on budget, and can’t afford professional Adwords support, learning to use these free tools will give you a head start on improving your Adwords performance.