“Do you think it would be okay to replace just one tyre?”

Tyre fitters are familiar with this question – and many people will choose to only replace a single tyre at a time. It is easy to understand why this might be the case if they’ve suffered a blowout on the motorway or driven over a nail that has ruptured just one tyre while the others remain in perfectly good condition. However, the same case cannot always be made when it is a question of replacing older tyres, ones which have just passed the threshold for the legal level of tread depth – or will soon do so. Under such circumstances, it could well be better to replace all four tyres on your car at the same time.

Okay, you might need to replace just one tyre and only have the budget for one. If so, then opting for a sole tyre replacement might seem as though it is the only viable option. Therefore, replacing two or more tyres at the same time might be less costly than you had thought. There are sometimes end-of-line deals on offer, too, which could even mean you are able to fit a set of premium brand tyres on your car for less than you might have expected.

Furthermore, fitting just one tyre can be a false economy. For instance, if you have a tyre fitted, then you need to pay for the cost of the tyre and for the fitting itself. Having all four tyres fitted together is often less costly than returning to the same tyre fitter on four separate occasions for multiple services. If you add to this supplementary work, such as adjusting your wheel tracking each time, for example, then the sum you’ll pay will soon mount up. Instead, it is often more cost-effective to have them all replaced together. This is especially so if the tyres are of a similar age and the next one you will need to replace is just a few months or even weeks away.

If you are unsure, then the best course of action to suggest would be to consult with a professional mechanic or tyre specialist. If you are looking for one, then we recommend getting car tyres in Stevenage at amazing prices online and in-store from ECO Tyres Services. Ask them to determine the best course of action for your situation. You might be advised to swap the two front tyres only, for example, because the rear ones still have thousands of miles in them. Reconfiguring your tyres or changing them all might offer the best value for money in your case.