If you are looking for East London cleaners to clean your home or business, we are sure you already know there is a wealth of cleaning companies to choose from.

When it comes to choosing the right cleaners for your needs, then, it can be quite difficult. You need to know the cleaning service you are signing up for is the one you are going to get. And that the cleaners can be trusted to do their job correctly.

Finding these cleaners in East London is not impossible, though. There are some great cleaning companies in East London. You just need to learn what to look for and how to look for it. Below, we have created a list of all the traits a good cleaning company should have and how to find the best cleaner for your needs.

The cleaners that you choose should be:


Is the cleaner that you choose going to show up on time for your cleaning appointment? If you have a repeat appointment, are they going to show up to every single appointment ready to clean? Reliability when hiring anyone is important. If they are going to continue to show up late, cancel at the last minute, or change the appointment times, perhaps they are not as organised as they let on, and you may want to look elsewhere for your cleaning needs.


Whether a cleaner is coming to your home or business, there is a good chance that they will be in your property alone. Even if you are prepared to stay home for the cleaners, at some point over the course of your cleaning sessions, you may need to pop out. Can you trust the cleaner you are hiring to be in your home or business alone?

It is difficult to trust a stranger in your home, but there are some things to look for in a cleaning company to make it easier to trust a cleaner. Things like liability insurance, for example. Any professional cleaning company should have very good liability insurance. This ensures that if anything is damaged during the cleaning session, the cleaner can contact head office, and they can put it right. If anything goes missing, you can contact the cleaning company and inform them, and they can put it right. Vetting of all cleaners before they start with the cleaning company is also especially important, and most cleaning companies do full checks on anyone they are going to put in their customer’s homes.


You are paying a cleaner to clean your home and would like to get the best service possible, right? If you book in for a two-hour cleaning session and find that after an hour, the cleaner is pottering around trying to look busy, that can be frustrating.

All highly trained and skilled cleaners are given clear instructions by the cleaning company and the person they are cleaning for on what cleaning tasks they are to perform during the cleaning session. If a cleaner completes all these tasks, their training states that they should begin doing other cleaning tasks that were not mentioned. This could be cleaning the kitchen, starting the ironing, and emptying bins, for example. Whatever cleaning tasks are left to do, a cleaner should take it upon themselves to continue cleaning a customer’s home until the cleaning session is complete.

Fully trained

Speaking of training, all cleaners need to be fully trained and ideally have that training with the cleaning company you are using. Professional cleaning companies train all their cleaners themselves. This ensures that the cleaners are performing all tasks to that company’s standard.

Other cleaning companies rely on a cleaner’s experience, but without a vetting process, it can be exceedingly difficult to know exactly what that experience is. So, when looking at a cleaning company, look at their training procedures and see how in-depth they are. The more in-depth a cleaner’s training, the better they will be able to clean your home or business.


Can you customise the cleaning session you are going to receive? Or is the cleaner going to turn up and do the same five tasks every week? This may not seem like a massive issue but having a cleaning session that can be customised offers so much more flexibility.

You can pick the cleaning tasks that a cleaner does each week. So, if one of their normal jobs is to vacuum, but you’ve already done the vacuuming this week because you had a guest coming over, it ensures they are not wasting any time doing cleaning tasks that you’ve already done.

How to find cleaners in East London

As I’m sure you’ll already know, scanning a cleaning company’s website for the buzzwords we mentioned above will likely show that every single cleaning company in East London is perfectly suited to your needs. However, you can take a closer look at a cleaning company through the reviews from past customers. These do not lie. They tell a clear picture of what the cleaning company is like to work with, and there are loads of independent sites that you can use to find real reviews of cleaning companies from past customers and exactly what these companies are like to work with.