Strategic Leadership Boost: Valda Welcomes Head of Business Development to Drive Innovation and Expansion

Valda Energy has recently announced the appointment of Mandip Nayee, 34, as head of business development.

With over 11 years of experience in the energy sector, Mandip also known as ‘Manny,’ brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge to help drive growth and boost Valda’s on-going expansion plans.

His journey in the industry began in marketing, and over the years, he has transitioned into business development and has honed his skills in relationship management, working with many small and larger companies.

When asked about what attracted him to Valda, Manny expressed his enthusiasm about being part of a challenger supplier that does things differently.

He comments: “Valda’s innovative approach and startup mindset were key factors that drew me to the role. I believe that the UK’s small and medium sized businesses are looking for a more personal and tailored solution to the big six and Valda provides just that.”

Michelle Coull, Sales Director at Valda Energy, said: “We are delighted to introduce Manny to our team. His role will be instrumental in our growth, and we eagerly anticipate the realisation of his expertise and knowledge in cultivating relationships to enhance our energy solutions for customers. As we move forward in investing in our business-development facing personnel at Valda, we are confident that the future holds great promise.”

Speaking of industry challenges, Manny recognises the difficulties faced by businesses, particularly in the current economic climate. He adds: “The significance of providing competitive rates while maintaining full transparency with both our customers and partners will continue to be absolutely essential and this approach aligns perfectly with our dedication to on-going excellence.”