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From Teacher to HR: Amazon Employee Shares Her Career Journey and Tips for Learning at Work Week 2024

An HR associate partner from Chesterfield is sharing her career story during Learning at Work Week 2024 (13th-19th May) to celebrate the career progress they’ve made thanks to the lifelong learning programmes at Amazon.

Learning at Work Week is an annual programme run by the charity Campaign for Learning. The charity works with organisations around the UK to create activities and fun challenges in the workplace to help employees learn and grow.

This year’s theme, Learning power, explores how lifelong and continual learning gives people power to change, grow and achieve individual, team and organisational goals.

Career Choice : MAN4 Anna Cooper, HR Associate Partner. 9 May 24.
© Victor De Jesus / UNP 0845 600 7737

Anna Cooper, who works at the Amazon fulfilment centre in Chesterfield, has used Amazon’s development and training opportunities to shape her professional career.


One of the programmes Anna has taken part in at Amazon is Amazon Career Choice. The programme, which has been running at Amazon for the past decade, pre-pays up to 95% of tuition and fees for courses in high-demand fields, up to £8,000 over four years, regardless of whether the skills are relevant to a career at Amazon.

Courses available include accountancy, HGV driving and software development, and are designed to help employees build careers at Amazon or elsewhere. It means that eligible employees are given the opportunity to gain the skills and qualifications needed to follow their career aspirations.


Anna, who used the programme to help secure their role as a HR business partner, has shared their story to encourage others to take their career to the next level using the Amazon Career Choice programme.

Anna is an HR associate partner at Amazon in Chesterfield. She joined the company during the COVID-19 pandemic in a temporary role.


Before joining Amazon, Anna worked as a primary school teacher for four years. She said:

“I joined Amazon because I wanted a change from teaching, so I worked in a temporary role in the Inventory Control and Quality Assurance department. I ended up enjoying working at Amazon so much that I never left. I spent a bit of time in recruiting before moving across into HR.”


Anna completed the CIPD Level 3 HR qualification through Amazon Career Choice. She added:

“When I first joined the HR team, I knew I wanted to complete the CIPD course as it’s an industry standard for HR. I loved that I was able to continue working full time and study at my own pace. I did the course through Avado, which gave me clear deadlines and the support I needed.”

“Career Choice has given me a much broader understanding of my role in HR,” Anna continued. “I now understand our policies better and why Amazon is so unique in its culture. I’m now doing an apprenticeship, working to become an HR partner. I wouldn’t have been able to work towards this without Amazon supporting me through Career Choice and the apprenticeship programme.”

Career Choice : MAN4 Anna Cooper, HR Associate Partner. 9 May 24.
© Victor De Jesus / UNP 0845 600 7737

Anna has some advice for anyone considering furthering their careers through learning and development programmes.

“There are so many opportunities out there to develop your career, so make sure you seize them! Programmes like Amazon Career Choice offer such a wide variety of support for your career journey, so if you have the opportunity to take part in further learning through your job, then go for it.”


Amazon also provides opportunities to improve existing skills or learn new ones through internal career progression opportunities such as apprenticeships, transferring to a different department and promotion to a managerial role.

Amazon Chesterfield Site Leader, Kris Hammond, added: “We are proud of Anna’s success through the Amazon Career Choice programme. Career development is at the core of our culture at Amazon, where lifelong learning is promoted at every turn. Many of our team members have taken part in Career Choice and are now fulfilling their potential on Amazon teams all over the UK, Ireland and further afield. Others have gone on to successful careers elsewhere, and we are proud to have supported them in their professional development by giving them extra tools for success in their new roles. We look forward to offering employees even more choices in the future as Amazon Career Choice evolves and grows.”


Amazon employees receive competitive pay and comprehensive benefits. Pay starts at a minimum of £12.30 per hour in Chesterfield and employees are offered a comprehensive benefits package, including private medical insurance, life assurance, income protection and an employee discount as well as a company pension plan.


Amazon has been named as a ‘Top Employer UK 2024’ by the Top Employer Institute, one of the world’s most prestigious certifications in the field of human resources management. This award recognises Amazon’s commitment to the development and well-being of its employees. In addition to the UK accolade, Amazon has also been certified as one of the Top Employers in Europe for a second consecutive year.

In 2023, Amazon ranked in second place on LinkedIn’s Top Companies list — an annual list that identifies the most sought-after places to work and grow your career in the UK. Using data from LinkedIn’s 900 million members, LinkedIn’s Top Companies list is designed to help professionals identify the best companies to grow their careers.

To find out more about a career with Amazon, visit Amazon Jobs.

Pioneering entrepreneur launches The Clever Carbon Company to help protect the planet

A pioneering entrepreneur has launched a series of ventures aimed at helping protect the planet by improving the sustainable practices of businesses and individuals.

David Oates, 45, has established The Clever Carbon Company, based in Worsley, Greater Manchester, with a mission to bring about change by rethinking the way that products are designed, made, used and decommissioned at their end of life.

He already runs a consultancy business called Mouthful, focused on advising the hospitality sector on strategy and growth opportunities. He is also a sessional lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University.

Previously, he had a varied career including roles as a manager in the strategy team at professional services giant KPMG and later as head of strategy at LateRooms.

He has a master’s degree in materials science from the University of Sheffield, an MBA from Leeds University Business School, and is a fellow of the Strategic Planning Society.

David has received support for The Clever Carbon Company from the GC Business Growth Hub, and funding from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and British Business Bank.

He has also been collaborating with the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Salford on research and development projects linked to aspects such as materials science, rapid prototyping, innovation and digital enablement.

Through a blend of product and service design and using innovative technologies, The Clever Carbon Company explores and identifies solutions in industries such as consumer products and clothing, which are currently the largest contributors to landfill.

The first priority area for The Clever Carbon Company is tackling the impact of single-use materials in the personal care industry.

This has led to NeuTrail, a novel refillable dispenser for personal care products such as shampoo or handwash. Using circular design, it is made from a single, recycled material, which makes the product easier to recycle repeatedly, and it has a simple, gravity-fed design. which makes it easier to use, even for people with mobility issues.

NeuTrail is being manufactured with short UK-based supply chains via 3D-print technology, meaning each dispenser can be personalised. The range has already gained listings in a number of catalogues offering sustainable consumer products.

David’s second priority area is clothing and textiles. The Clever Carbon Company is developing solutions for high-demand, non-discretionary clothing, such as uniforms and workwear, through a venture named Cottonopoly.

Partnering with UK manufacturers, Cottonopoly supplies cotton or polycotton garments, initially school cardigans and sweaters.

Parents pay a deposit on each garment, which is then refunded when the item is returned after use. Returns then have an extended life as either pre-loved clothing or by being recycled into products of similar quality.

Cottonopoly has been conducting a trial of the takeback scheme at St Mark’s Church of England Primary School in Worsley and plans to roll out in other parts of the UK later this year.

Father-of-two David said: “We’re providing affordable, sustainable clothing and are incentivising parents to return items they no longer need so they can be renewed, re-used or recycled.

“Having young children, I am fully aware how many garments families can get through, and how they eventually end up being discarded.

“Every year, millions of school garments end up in landfill sites or are incinerated, both of which are very bad for the environment and are quite avoidable.

“Cottonopoly puts an end to single-life clothing, offering high quality and affordable products that can be easily and efficiently repurposed or recycled with negligible waste. Our mission is to reduce the impact of clothing on the planet, as well as on household purse strings.

“We’re collaborating with local mills, reducing the need for transportation. Anything can be sourced cheaply overseas, but the traditional UK textile heartlands are the perfect place to establish short, UK-based supply chains, which will be an essential part of tackling demanding environmental targets.

“Manchester and the surrounding area have deservedly been considered a hub of innovation ever since the Spinning Jenny and Spinning Mule effectively triggered the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th Century. At Cottonopoly we are continuing this tradition with a 21st century twist that puts consumers at its heart.”

David is looking to expand Cottonopoly to include other school uniform overgarments such as trousers and shirts, as well as workwear and potentially leisurewear. Customers will be able to buy items online via the company’s website or its app.

He is also separately selling the technology incorporated into NeuTrail and Cottonopoly under the brand name Scan&.

“NeuTrail and Cottonopoly are both underpinned by the same traceable takeback technology which keeps track of every product we make, including what it’s made from, who uses it and when it’s time to ultimately repair, re-use or recycle it,” he said.

“We use circular-design and traceable takeback technology to provide products that last longer and don’t end up being discarded, thereby inspiring people to become more conscious consumers.

“Our technology tracks all our products through their entire lifecycle, which makes returning them effortless. Users are better able to keep track of what they buy and are directly rewarded for returning the items at their end of life.

“If society is to meet challenging climate targets in the years to come, this circular way of thinking about products will need to become more commonplace, which is where The Clever Carbon Company comes in.

“Currently the sustainability landscape is confusing to both businesses and members of the public. The Clever Carbon Company is all about making sustainable practice more accessible and practical.”

Rebrand for Cheshire creative agency, LOVELIVE

Cheshire creative agency LOVELIVE has unveiled a new-look branding; coinciding with the launch of a new website as they celebrate 22% year on year growth and an exciting new focus.

LOVELIVE are a Cheshire based full-service design agency. They began life working largely with design, print and events, but have since grown a strong additional team in creative strategy, video animation and e-learning; offering a full service to clients. Founded in 2010 by James Gibson and Kim Collier, they are now a team of 17 and are currently hiring for a full time Presentations Designer role to boost their team.

The majority of their clients are in the healthcare sector and this specialism has evolved over the last 14 years. However, more recently they have branched out into the professional services sector.

The rebrand incorporates a dynamic new logo, look and identity for their brand alongside a new website and strapline “Bringing to life everything from complex data to creative storytelling”.

Kim Collier, joint CEO of LOVELIVE said: “We’ve been the powerhouse behind the transformation of brands in the healthcare services sector since 2010, so we understand the importance of offering new creative and digital solutions whilst maintaining high-quality delivery. We’re currently expanding our team and diversifying into the professional services sector. With new clients in this space, it felt like it was the ideal time to refresh the look and feel of our brand and website.”

James Gibson, joint CEO of LOVELIVE also commented: “In the past 14 years, we’ve gone from strength to strength; growing our team as well as clocking up an incredible 22% year on year sales growth. But the journey doesn’t end there! As we continue to expand and grow; as does our passion for delivering the best results for our clients. With our new website and brand – we wanted something that showcased our expertise and creative prowess and we’re confident we’ve achieved this.”

To learn more, visit

Law Firm Launches Dedicated Employee Ownership Service

One of Yorkshire’s leading law firms has launched a dedicated employee ownership advisory service.

Employee Ownership Advisor is a new service from Ison Harrison designed to provide business owners with the ultimate resource for navigating the world of Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs).


With its own dedicated website, the service aims to help business owners looking to explore the benefits of an EOT for their business. Having experienced the advantages of employee ownership themselves, the firm’s team of expert lawyers is well placed to answer questions and provide no-obligation advice to business owners looking to make the switch.

The service covers everything from the basic principles of employee ownership, the process of transitioning to an EOT, trust management, employee engagement, company governance and rewards and benefits.


Employee ownership is becoming an increasingly popular model for British businesses. According to figures compiled by the Employee Ownership Association, 332 businesses transitioned to employee ownership in 2022. As of June 2023, the total number of companies owned partially or fully by their employees had reached a record 1,418, marking a 37% growth in just 12 months.

Ison Harrison was the UK’s first law firm to become a 100% employee-owned business in January 2022 after the three main shareholder directors agreed to sell the business to an Employee Ownership Trust.

270 qualifying team members at the firm recently received a profit distribution payout marking the second anniversary of becoming employee-owned. As a result of the firm’s strong financial performance, individual profit distributions approved by Ison Harrison’s Board of Trustees saw all eligible employees receive a tax-free distribution of £4,000 each, an increase of £400 on the £3,600 payment paid the previous year.

The firm, which employs more than 270 staff across the region, posted a record turnover of over £22 million last year, up 16% from £19 million in 2022.


Employee Ownership Advisor is the brainchild of Richard Coulthard, director and head of commercial services. Since launching the service, the firm has received a significant number of preliminary enquiries from business owners across the region and beyond, and is already helping several local businesses through the transitionary stages.

He commented: “The move to employee ownership has been hugely positive and advantageous for Ison Harrison. This success is the inspiration for the Employee Ownership Adviser as we want to share our experience of the process and use our expertise to help other business owners by transitioning from traditional business ownership to the EOT model.

“As a firm, we have taken a unique approach to set ourselves apart from our competitors. We are proud to be an EOT, which helps distinguish us from other firms. In embracing employee ownership, we have fostered a culture of collaboration, incentivised performance, and ensured our clients receive exceptional service. This experience and knowledge is now being passed on to business owners so that they and their workforce can enjoy the many benefits of employee ownership. Our service website is dedicated to providing practical insights, expert advice, and invaluable tips to ensure a smooth and successful transition. We fully understand the challenges that may arise and we are well equipped to provide the knowledge and strategies needed to overcome them.”


Ison Harrison employs more than 270 staff across Yorkshire, offering the broadest range of legal services in the region. The firm’s commercial division now advises businesses from across all sectors in transitioning to an employee-owned business.

The firm has over 10 Law Society accreditations including Lexcel, Clinical Negligence, Family Law, Immigration & Asylum, Conveyancing Quality and SRA Higher Courts Rights – civil and criminal.

Business owners interested in finding out more should visit: or call the Employee Ownership Advisor team on 0800 232 1620

Pictured (above): Richard Coulthard, director and head of commercial services.

Innovative approach from Minerva is providing solutions

A North Staffordshire financial planning company has invested in top class technology to enhance the client experience.

Founder of Minerva Financial Solutions Nicola Conway decided to introduce document management platform DocPortal in February this year, to help with the storing of important documents and information and to allow for a more efficient service. DocPortal stores personal and business documents, while clients can also access the app, allowing Nicola and her team to communicate and share information directly.

Nicola Conway, Founder of Minerva Financial Solutions, says: “In a world where we spend a lot of time storing information electronically, and accessing it digitally, it is important to be able to keep important documents in one place. We wanted to help clients to be able to access what they needed with ease and that’s why we introduced DocPortal into the business.

Nicola adds: “The app really can help to store someone’s important life documentation in one place. Our finances, life policies and even legal papers are really important and need to be stored in a way that can be accessed by family members on the occasion of a death, which can be a very difficult time for relatives to be dealing with such issues. However, as you can appoint digital executors within the app, these documents can be accessed more easily and help minimise the added stress of those challenging circumstances.”

Minerva Financial Solutions have now shared the DocPortal app with more than 300 clients. As well as arranging financial documents, users are able to upload personal information such as photographs and favourite trips if they wish, along with other day-to-day documents.

“Our experience is that it’s like having a filing cabinet in your pocket – but without the large amount of paper,” adds Nicola.

“Information can be uploaded instantly to the app and people can go back and look over things themselves in their own time. We’ve found it very useful and many of our clients have been keen to use it.”

Minerva Financial Solutions is an Appointed Representative of St James Wealth Management and is based in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Heart patient marks milestone with fundraising half marathon

JUST 12 months after heart surgery, Simon Finlay has marked the milestone by running a half marathon in aid of the hospital that saved his life.

It was during screening for a hereditary heart condition his dad has that Simon was diagnosed with a bicuspid valve. Unbeknown to him he’d had the congenital heart defect from birth. Further tests then revealed he also had an aortic aneurysm.

“My jaw hit the table,” Simon said as he recalled the second diagnosis.

Over the course of 18 months the aneurysm grew, and surgical intervention was required.

Simon, development director at Castle Green Homes, said. “I’d thought the bicuspid valve wouldn’t need surgery until I was in my 60s, so when I went for a CT scan and they showed me what the aneurysm looked like and how much it had grown it was a shock.  I understood that I couldn’t live without surgery and that I was in the best hands with Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.”

Simon underwent major heart surgery in March last year at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, days before his 46th birthday. Complications during his recovery meant he was readmitted and underwent further surgery to remove a build up of fluid around his heart.

“I felt like I was back at square one, but in the weeks that followed I picked up and was getting stronger and walking more,” he said.

He returned to work just 13 weeks post-surgery. Soon after, Simon decided he’d run the Liverpool Half Marathon in aid of the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital on March 17 – his 47th birthday.

By October he’d managed to complete a run 5km without walking.

“Coming from a construction background where we work collaboratively as a team, it was interesting to see the different job roles in the hospital coming together to care for me and the other patients,” Simon, from Meols, Wirral, explained.

“It’s because of what I have been through, the time I have spent at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, experiencing firsthand the miraculous work they do and feeling the love and support from all parts of that amazing hospital that I decided to raise money for the charity,”.

With the support of Castle Green, family and friends, Simon has raised well over his £1,000 target, with more than £3,700 donated to date.

He was joined in the Liverpool Half Marathon by Castle Green colleagues Sam Payne, Sean McBride, Phoebe Hughes and Paul Winrow.

“Castle Green Homes have been fantastic through all aspects of my surgery and recovery, no more so than [chief executive] Gwyn Jones,” Simon added. “Not only was he understanding and empathetic about my situation when I was diagnosed, he also gave me the time I needed to recover with no pressure. When I saw that Castle Green had doubled the funds raised on the Friday before the run with a donation of £1,500 I couldn’t believe it. I was totally blown away!”

Simon completed the Liverpool Half Marathon in 2:13:19. He is already working on bringing his time down ahead of the Chester Half Marathon in May.

Simon said he’d always been a runner but had struggled with a knee injury in recent years.

“I’m fitter now and running better 5km times than I was prior to my surgery, which is purely down to the amount of running I am doing as opposed to the surgery itself,” he said.

Castle Green chief executive Gwyn Jones said: “Simon is a valued member of the team and has shown the same strength of character and determination in handling his health issues as he does in overcoming challenges at work. We were pleased to be able to support his return to work and his fundraising. It’s great to see so many colleagues and contacts have also supported his fundraising.”

To support Simon’s fundraising go to


Fairfield Business Park in Penistone sold to lead tenant

Fairfield Business Park in Penistone, Barnsley, has been sold in a multi-million-pound deal.

Over the past two years, the site has been fully developed from being unoccupied into a thriving business park by family-run, Barnsley-based property and land specialists, Fairbank Investments Ltd.

The fully-let park has been bought by international packaging business Neal Brothers, for a seven-figure sum. Neal Brothers are the main tenants on the site, running their export packaging business from their onsite warehouse.

Located in the heart of Penistone, the historic former David Brown plant shut at the end of 2020 when former owner, SPX, transferred its production and manufacturing processes to an alternative UK production site, leading to job losses and vacant premises.

The 1930s factory development, once a major manufacturing hub employing more than 1,500 people at its peak production period, was given a new lease of life after being acquired by Fairbank Investments in March 2021.

Fairbank Investments bought the four-acre Green Road site after spotting its huge potential to create employment and restore economic prosperity to the town. The development progressed with the Fairbank Investments team prioritising eco-friendly design and sensitive building practices, employing the same meticulous design and sustainability ethos displayed in all of its regeneration projects.

Opened by shipmaker Cammell Laird in the late 19th century, the site was mothballed in 1930 but taken over by industrialist Sir David Brown in 1935. Sir David established foundry, pumps and fabrication operations in Penistone which produced bullet-proof castings during the Second World War and later specialised in manufacturing pumps for the global oil and gas industry.

The park currently consists of 14 independent offices totalling 15,000 sq ft which is home to a range of flourishing independent businesses with a further 66,000 sq ft of warehouse space which has been occupied by main tenants, Neal Brothers since late 2021.

Neal Brothers’ warehouse has prime access, high eves, roller shutter doors and an overhead crane. The facility has enabled the US-based international business to extend its existing operations in the north of England. The company has recruited staff locally and the operation has grown significantly since launching three years ago.

Other successful businesses operating from the site range from financial planning experts and a construction and building specialist to numerous clothing and accessories retailers and a pet grooming salon.

Alex Sewell of Fairbank Investments, commented: “We are thrilled that our vision to revitalise a local site of such historical importance has been fully realised and we have sold the business park as a thriving commercial hub, resulting in job creation and a bright future for the area. The legacy is an important one for the town following a few years of uncertainty but there is a diverse range of businesses on site, which have all created local employment opportunities and fully regenerated the area.

Added Joseph Green of Fairbank Investments: “When the production facility closed in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, this resulted in widespread redundancies, and the future of the site in Penistone looked incredibly bleak. As a local family business in the area and living locally ourselves, we wanted to take positive action and restore the site to its former glory, fully benefitting the town and the local economy. We are incredibly proud and satisfied that we’ve achieved this objective and have left the business park in very secure and capable hands. We will watch with interest as the site continues to flourish and the businesses on site go on to even greater success. As a progressive property business, we look forward to delivering similar outcomes for existing and new local regeneration projects.”

Two years ago Fairbank Investments acquired the historic partially Grade II-listed coal drops, signal house, and former railway siding site at Penistone in Barnsley, signalling a new chapter of growth and development for the area.

It recently unveiled the highly anticipated next phase of development for the site. With the next stage of the site’s transformative journey, Fairbank Investments is marking a significant moment in Penistone’s history, with the development promising an inspiring blend of heritage preservation and modern rejuvenation.

Pictured: (Left) Joseph Green and Alex Sewell (right) of Fairbank Investments Ltd who have sold the Fairfield Business Park in Penistone to Neal Brothers.


The AFA Group Celebrates Substantial Team Expansion

Manchester-headquartered AFA Group, the parent company of Clear Start Accountants and AFA Insolvency, has significantly bolstered its employee base over the last quarter with twenty three new appointments.

Welcoming half of the group’s recent recruits, leading personal insolvency specialist AFA Insolvency, has considerably extended its team. In the past three months, the firm has appointed individuals to a series of positions including Debt Advisor, Drafters and Quality Monitoring roles.

The AFA Group’s accountancy and personal budgeting division Clear Start Accountants, has also made a series of appointments, strengthening its customer service department. The business offers accountancy services for sole traders and smaller firms provided by a team of qualified accountants, as well as its pioneering, tech-enabled, personal budgeting service for both business and private individuals.

The significant growth follows hot on the heels of another record period for the group, which closed the year (2023) with a highly impressive 87.5% uplift in value of sales – rising to a noteworthy £15 million, from £8 million in 2022.

Fiaz Ashraf, Founder and CEO of the AFA Group, commented: “As we continue to experience monumental growth, it is a pleasure to offer a variety of job opportunities in the region and welcome a wealth of new team members to the AFA Group. Expanding our dedicated team is absolutely crucial in helping us to maintain an exceptional level of service for our customers, as we continue to support them with various aspects of financial management.”

With an employee base of over 150 people, and operating from its state of the art, contemporary headquarters in Universal Square, Devonshire Street North, Manchester, as well as from its offices in Stockport and Canada, the AFA Group is the parent company of several high-growth businesses including AFA Insolvency and Clear Start Accountants. The group offers via its various divisions a suite of services to support individuals and companies with financial management – from monthly budgeting services and debt management, to general accountancy support.

To find out more about Clear Start Accountants visit:

Impact Environmental Group Appoints Zeus PR

IEG EMEA, a division of the Impact Environmental Group with operations situated strategically across the US and the UK, has appointed Cheshire-based Zeus PR following a group-wide tender process.

The agency will now support the entire organisation, including all four trading brands, working closely with the IEG EMEA board, including Managing Director David Williams who heads up the board, and Commercial Director Pete Dickson, to formulate and develop a reputation-building PR and content strategy.

The appointment follows hot on the heels of the IEG EMEA’s substantial expansion in 2023. Last year saw two further UK acquisitions cementing the group as a global waste industry category leader, as UK Container Maintenance (UKCM) and Capital Compactors and Balers (CCL), joined Container Components Europe (manufacturer of Duraflex lids), and Egbert H Taylor to sit within the IEG EMEA’s portfolio of aligned industry-leading brands.

 Anthea Fosti Managing Director of Zeus PR comments: “We will be showcasing IEG EMEA’s impressive service offering as the leading European operator in the provision of waste and recycling products and service solutions, and we are very much looking forward to working closely with the group and the four individual business centres on this far-reaching brief.

“We have already enjoyed a 10-year partnership as the retained PR provider for UKCM, and following their acquisition by IEG EMEA last year, we were very pleased to be invited to tender for, and subsequently be awarded, the group-wide brief.”

Pete Dickson, Commercial Director at IEG EMEA states: “‘As we develop the IEG EMEA brand and its recognition, a positive and creative PR partner is essential. On the back of its impressive work for UKCM over the last decade, we are pleased to have partnered with Zeus PR; and look forward to working with Anthea and her team.”

Founded in 1999, IEG as the parent organisation headquartered in Elgin, Illinois has rapidly grown into a global environmental products and services business, providing a comprehensive suite of new and replacement products for waste containers, collection and compaction equipment, and waste transportation equipment, and it is ambitious to expand IEG EMEA further where synergistic opportunities can enhance their customer value proposition.

The EMEA division, as with the wider global IEG organisation it resides within, plays an important role in the pursuit of a circular economy, providing products and services to the global waste and recycling industries. The business is a procurer of top-quality materials and a key advocate for sustainability, whilst maintaining competitive prices.


Winvic and Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited Celebrate Groundbreaking at Former Rolls Royce Site in Liverpool

Winvic Construction Ltd, a leading main contractor that specialises in the design and delivery of private and public construction and civil engineering projects has won a £35.8 million contract to design and construct four warehouse facilities at Atlantic Park in Bootle, Liverpool for Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited. The companies celebrated the start of the 41-week programme at a groundbreaking event.

Atlantic Park is 52-acres and is the former site of the Rolls Royce Engineering Works Factory and other industrial and commercial buildings. Winvic will first be excavating existing concrete slabs and preparing the ground for construction. The four industrial warehouse units are 40,000 sq ft, 50,000 sq ft, 110,000 sq ft and 125,000 sq ft and each will comprise two-storey office space.

The scheme has been designed in accordance with Royal London’s Sustainability Strategy, which aims for new build property developments to achieve Net Zero by 2030. Winvic will be delivering the project as Net Zero Carbon in Construction and employing its tried and tested Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) process, which is aligned with the UKGBC and LETI, and third-party verified. As part of the design strategy, 30 per cent GGBS will replace in situ concrete, 98 per cent recycled scrap metal will be utilised in the reinforcement steel and water recycling will reduce mains water use by 40 per cent compared to the BREEAM target.


Photo caption: CGI of Atlantic Park


BREEAM Excellent and an EPC A rating is being targeted and the project will deliver a 10 per cent biodiversity net gain; bird, bat and insect nest boxes will also be installed. The project delivery also includes the installation of new services, separate concrete service yards an access road and all hard and soft landscaping. 20 per cent of the car parking spaces will be enabled for electric vehicles.


In line with Winvic’s commitment to leaving a positive legacy in communities local to projects and S106 requirements, the contractor has developed an Employment and Skills Plan. Winvic will continue to work closely with Sefton@work and InvestSefton – as well as its supply chain partners – to match employment and training opportunities with people from the local area and collaborate with local education providers to provide career talks and work experience placements.

Representatives from Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited, Gardiner & Theobald and Winvic Construction Ltd

Danny Nelson, Winvic’s Head of Industrial, Distribution and Logistics, commented: “We’re delighted to have impressed the Royal London team during the tender process and are ready to deliver four industrial facilities as Net Zero in construction for our new client. I’d like to thank them so far for a great start. Our social value team has also begun planning and will be using their collaborative skills to bring benefits to local people. The site isn’t without its challenges due its former use, but we have successfully remediated the ground on numerous projects and are confident to deliver the scheme by the end of 2024.”


Matthew Barnes, Senior Asset Manager from Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited, added: “We are pleased to be partnering with Winvic to deliver the next important phase of the Atlantic Park master plan, bringing much needed employment and economic growth to the northwest region. The scheme will showcase Royal London’s commitment to its sustainability principles and its ambition to create real long-term investment value for its members.”


For more information on Winvic, the company’s latest project news and job vacancies please visit Join Winvic on social media – visit X (formerly Twitter) @WinvicLtd – and LinkedIn.


Header image caption:

  1. CGI of Atlantic Park